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Written In The StarsMovie |

Moyes' September 2017 Facebook status was written while Richardson's manuscript was being considered for submission at Penguin Random House among other publishers. An earlier version of this post misstated that timeline.

Written in the StarsMovie |

Scenes were shot inside Moby Gym and the Lory Student Center as well as at Highland High School in nearby Ault. In 1977, locals saw these Northern Colorado spots in "One on One," a basketball movie starred in and written by Robby Benson.

Aya Tsintziras is a Senior Writer at Screen Rant who enjoys writing about TV and movies. She has a Political Science and Media Studies degree from the University of Toronto and a Masters of Journalism from Ryerson University. She lives in Toronto with her husband and has a special interest in teen dramas, reality TV, and horror movies. Aya has been a freelance writer since 2014 and has written about topics ranging from pop culture to travel, parenting, and dating and relationships. When she's not writing, Aya enjoys working out, reading a good book (usually a thriller) with a cup of coffee, and spending time with friends and family. Aya's favorite movies are Scream and You've Got Mail and her favorite TV shows include My So-Called Life, Gilmore Girls, You, and Seinfeld.

Hazel waits for Gus to call her back, and after a few days, he texts her after finishing "An Imperial Affliction". He expresses surprise that the book ends mid-sentence (the protagonist Anna apparently dies during her narration). Hazel excuses herself from dinner to speak to Gus on the phone, but they are interrupted by Isaac wailing a song lyric in the background. Gus invites Hazel over, where she finds out that Monica broke up with Isaac, and he is having a psychotic episode. Gus allows Isaac to take out his anger on his basketball trophies. While Isaac smashes them, Gus talks to Hazel about the ending of the book, and she tells him that she has written hundreds of letters to ask the book's author, Peter Van Houten, questions about what happened after the story, such as the fate of Anna's mother and her relationship with the "Dutch Tulip Man", and Anna's pet hamster Sisyphus.

Hazel's dad goes to comfort her following Gus's death. Later, Isaac goes over to visit. He tells Hazel that Gus really loved her and never stopped talking about her to the point where it got annoying. He asks her if she read the letter from Van Houten, which happened to be written by Gus.

The letter is a eulogy for Hazel written by Gus. We hear Gus's voice reading it, saying that he saw Hazel in the ICU while she slept, and how he thought about them together. He expresses his admiration for her beauty and personality, and adds that people can choose who hurts them. Gus liked his choice, and he hoped Hazel liked hers. He closes it with "Okay, Hazel Grace?"

Van Houten tries to apologize to Hazel, but she rejects his apology. She gets contacted by Lidewiji, who tells her about some letters that Augustus sent to Van Houten. She realizes that Augustus had written an obituary for her. Hazel reads the letter from him, and in it, he tells her that getting hurt is a constant, but one can choose who hurts them. He tells her he is glad that she was his choice. The novel ends with Hazel stating that she is happy Augustus is her choice. 041b061a72

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