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The Raid 2: A Guide to the Blu-ray 1080p 15 Features and Extras

I see that WD My book Duo has a 28TB option for RAid 1 which would mean you have only one disk 14tb with a copy (Raid 1 by definition). The setup would cost me $1000. Is there a cheaper way to get massive amount of storage (two 14+, preferably 20TB) that I can do a Raid 1. Essentially the question is, I would like to have a cheaper version of the My book duo but with even more memory space, like two disks of 20TB each. and do a raid 1 configuration.

The Raid 2 Bluray 1080p 15

4) Configuring the RAID to use RAID cache, BUT NOT DISK CACHE. Per disk cache in a raid offers a near guarantee of either a drive failure or worse when your power goes out, your kid turns off the RAID while in use or your UPS goes out (oh yeah it happens). RAID cache is reliable enough to enjoy the performance benefits, presuming you have a redundant backup of the component in your RAID.

I think the confusion comes with people using raid and thinking its as good as a backup. Its not. But if you want to make sure your backups are viable I would store them on a raid 1. Then it is less likely when you need to go to that backup that its bad.I use ZFS with scrubs + ecc to ensure no bit rot creeps into my backups too.

Nice right up. Raid 5 is not for speed, its actually slow on rebuilds. Raid 0 is for speed then raid 1 then raid 10. Raid 0 if one drive fails you are dead. Raid 1 you can loose one drive and still keep working. Raid 6 and raid 10 can loose 2 drives with 6 being slower on rebuilds. Raid 10 is probably the best for speed with Raid 6 being better for getting more space per drive when you go past 4 drives. None are for backups but for preventing downtime and data loss.

But I think your backup drive should be raid 6 or 10. ZFS files system is also nice to prevent bit rot. Lets say you need your backup and its on just a solo drive and that drive has bad sectors. That backup is no good. That same backup on a good raid with zfs is very unlikely to ever go bad. Of course if the building they are in blows up then its all gone so offsite is smart.

I think RAID 1 will beg you back up and running faster than no raid at all. But I am inclined to agree, redundancy is not quite the same as a backup. For day to day recovery from mistakes or misplaced files, a regular backup is better. But I am not so convinced that it replaces RAID 1 for a catastrophic failure. I think both backing up files and RAIDing systems is a best approach.

Rookie Brimob officer Rama joins a 20-man squad led by Sergeant Jaka and Lieutenant Wahyu for a raid on an apartment block with the intent of arresting crime lord Tama Riyadi. Together with his lieutenants Andi and Mad Dog, Tama runs the block and allows criminals and addicts to rent rooms under his protection. Arriving undetected, the team sweeps the first floors and subdues various tenants; they also meet a law-abiding tenant named Gofar delivering medicine to his sick wife. Continuing to the sixth floor, the team is spotted by two young lookouts, one of whom raises the alarm.

Meanwhile, Wahyu and Dagu confront Tama. Wahyu kills Dagu before taking Tama hostage. Tama taunts Wahyu by revealing that he knew they were going to raid the building, and that Wahyu was set up by his corrupt superiors and will be killed regardless. Wahyu kills Tama and then attempts suicide, only to find he is out of ammunition.

Okay, I'm 50 films off having reviewed 4,000, so I've seen a fair few flicks in my time. Many of them have been good, some bad, a lot of them middling. But very few of them blow me away, and the ones that do so tend to be the really intense thrillers that are packed with suspense and absolutely great action scenes. THE RAID was a great movie which I really enjoyed, and I heard the hype about the sequel but was afraid to believe it. I needn't have been; THE RAID 2 is an absolutely brilliant movie and one of the best films I've ever seen.This sequel doesn't slavishly copy the original, which is a good thing. Instead, it's a sprawling gangster movie, an Indonesian variant of the ones popular in Hong Kong and South Korea, enlivened with some incredibly violent and extremely well choreographed action sequences which usually take the "one vs. many" formula to the extreme. This stuff is great in itself, enlivened with larger than life characters and more depth than you'd expect from a typical thriller.Stuff continues in this vein up until the last forty five minutes, at which point you realise that everything preceding this point was just the build up to the denouement, which is an action spectacular unlike anything ever put on film. There's a stupendous car chase, a great three-way between top fighters, and the final kitchen one on one, which I think might well be the best fight ever put on film (and I've seen most of the Bruce Lee/Donnie Yen/Jackie Chan/Tony Jaa fights). Everything is perfect: the choreography, the music, the violence. Iko Uwais and Gareth Evans both go from strength to strength and everything just gels together perfectly. Go buy this now, you won't be disappointed!

Famous last words.2GB max for a file wasn't a problem in 1996 when they designed FAT 32, either. It would take over 5 days to fill that over a 33.6 kbaud modem in those days.Now I can plug an HDMI-capable cellphone into a 1080p TV and stream multi-gigabyte Bluray rips over Wi-Fi. Yet I can't store them on the SD card because someone thought "it would never be a problem". An f2fs teardown Posted Oct 28, 2012 17:20 UTC (Sun) by khim (subscriber, #9252) [Link]

Home Network is 1.0 gigabit for maximum Internet performance via Xfinity/ComcastDell Precision T7920 workstation, Windows 10 Professional, Blu Ray R/W and DVD R/W optical drive, NVidia High Definition audio, dual Intel Xeon Silver 8-core processors, 64 GB ECC RAM, 4 TB RAID 1 hard drive array with multiple external 3, 4, 5, and 8 TB USB 3.x hard drivesDell Precision T7600 workstation, Windows 10, Blu Ray R/W and DVD R/W optical drive, Realtek 192kHz PCM audio, dual Intel Xeon 6-core processors, 64 GB ECC RAM, 3 TB RAID 1 hard drive array with multiple external 3, 4, and 5 TB USB 3.0 hard drivesHP Pavilion DV8t notebook computer, Windows 10, nVidia+Altec Lansing Sound, Intel i7 processor, 8 GB RAM, 480 GB Solid-State Drive (SSD), 18.4" 16x9 display supporting 1080p (true Blu Ray), Blu Ray R/W, DVD+/-RW, and CD-RWPlayback Designs IPS-3 integrated amplifier with Quad DSD DAC

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