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Ethan Phillips
Ethan Phillips


I'm conflicted. Brett Kavanaugh, nominated by Trump as a Supreme Court judge, has been accused of locking Dr Christine Blasey Ford in a bedroom and sexually assaulting her. This happened in the early 1980s when they were teens at a party and he was very drunk, she hadnt been drinking. She says she is 100 percent certain he did this. He says wasn't me guv. Her televised evidence was upsetting and convincing. I believe what she says and feel she should have whatever she needs to help her. BUT. Drunken 18 year old boy/man. All these years later? Is that fair? To wreck his career now? Personally, I loathe Trump and all his works, so politically I'm glad to see a fail. But this is not sitting well with me. I feel I should feel better about this. Convince me please.


Ruin his career? He'll still be a judge in the second highest court of the USA if not confirmed to the Supreme Court.Some of what he's accused of has no statute of limitation in Maryland - this will get investigated. It won't remain a he said, she said forever. Men will talk about what happened when they were teens because they won't want to be tarred with the same brush.

I'm American and I know other Americans who were tried in their early teens and still live with the consequences nearly twenty years later, and none of them were accused of violent crimes or going through the process of being part of the Supreme Court. There are enough other well-qualified people and I have no issue with him being treated just as anyone who wanted an important job with rumours about their conduct would be.Maybe if he had more consequences in that expensive, selective high school where he was at 18 before he went to Yale (when drinking would still be illegal for him anyways), then he wouldn't need consequences now. Much like Brock Turner who graduated from a high school that is very well-known in the area for being big on appearance and looking the other way and playing hush for students and the wealthy parents. Maybe if people were brought to account more, there wouldn't be so many of us who spend years not coming forward.

If Kavanaugh had said "I was young, it was wrong, I am ashamed and sorry" that would be one thing.I agree - not on the sexual assault accusation, obviously - an apology doesn't excuse that. But on the questions around whether he drank beer when he was young (of course he did!) he couldn't even answer that directly, batting it back at the Senator and waffling, blustering and interrupting. Does he honestly expect anyone to believe he was whiter than white virginial tee total teen?Also on the lewd language in his yearbook and his calendar. Rather than lie, if he'd owned it and said yeah those things referred to beer and girls, and he was a silly teen... he would have gained a LOT more sympathy.However, admitting to underage drinking and making lewd jokes about women would have undermined his defence... so he's had to lie. And he made himself look like a dick.

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