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The Naughty Victorians An Erotic Tale Of A Maiden S Revenge

But in other respects the subject is well suited to New York porno chic. It tells the story of Jack who lures women into an erotic torture chamber in his house, where he has an impressive collection of whips, restraints and bondage devices. There he forces them into submission before they conspire to have their revenge.

The Naughty Victorians An Erotic Tale of a Maiden s Revenge


This fine lavishly mounted and the very kinky tale of a maiden's revenge, based on Victorian literature, follows the descent of a woman into degradation and humiliation in the hands of her lover. But hell hath no fury as a woman scorned! And this particular woman is blazing a path that this dominating degenerate will never forget! Supremely filmed, it is a stylish example of sex, submission, and ultimate carnal coutre. 350c69d7ab

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