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The default _updown script installs ACCEPT Netfilter rules in the Linuxkernel by invoking iptables for the established traffic selectors, allowingdefault DROP policies. If the local traffic selector is not a single hostthen the option

in swanctl.conf inserts rules in the INPUTand OUTPUT chains, besides the rules in the FORWARD chain, that allowaccessing the VPN server itself. Please refer to the _updown script fordetails.


Download apk:

The plugin allows the invocation of custom commands associated with CHILD SA upand CHILD SA down events. The script is compatible to the _updown scriptoriginally used by the pluto IKEv1 daemon.

The updown script allows the installation of custom `iptables`rules andoften it is very simple to implement custom logic. It has, however, somelimitations for historical reasons and might not scale with a lot of tunnels.

The updown object is driven by a ramp from 0 - 1 or 1 - 0. It generates a trapezoidal function where the attack and release times are independent of the speed of the input ramp, unlike trapezoid where start and end times are specified as a proportion of the total input ramp cycle and thus will vary with the speed of the input ramp. Note that the up phase of the updown object's output occurs after the reset of a phasor or a zero-to-non-zero transition, whether the input ramp moves up or down. The down phase of the output occurs in the time before a reset (or the end of the ramp) is expected to occur.

The enable snmp trapupdown command is used to enable an interface to send aTrap message to the NMS when the protocol status of the interfacechanges, which helps the NMS monitor the interface status in realtime.

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By default, the function of sendinga Trap message to the NMS when the protocol status of the interfacechanges is enabled. If an interface alternates between Up and Down,it will frequently send Trap messages to the NMS, causing the NMSto be busy processing these Trap messages. In this case, you can runthe undo enable snmp trap updown command to disablethe interface from sending trap messages to the NMS.

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