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Handcuffs Teen Sex

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handcuffs teen sex

Eric Spitznagel didn't always write porn. (And doesn't, it should be noted, anymore.) In fact, for most of his adult life (we can't answer for his teen years... God only knows what he was doing then) he's been a writer of humor, which would seem, on the surface, like the exact opposite of being a porn writer. Prior to moving to L.A., he spent ten years teaching comedy writing at the famed Second City in Chicago (which means he probably knows way more famous people than you or I do) and is currently a contributing editor at The Believer (which means he gets to interview people like Beck and Paul Giamatti on a regular basis). But, let's not forget, the guy did once write porn. He did -- he'll have you know -- write the sequel to Butt Crazy! And that's really what we're here to talk about.

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