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Download ~REPACK~ CHQC TNK Zip

Step 2 OSOYOO MEGA-IoT extension TX/RX pin to A9/A8 pin by default. So in your sketch code, we need use Software Serial Port to communicate with ESP8266 (set A9 as TX and A8 as RX in SoftwareSerial object).we need download WiFiEsp-master library from following link firstly:

Download CHQC TNK zip

Step 4 After installing above library, please download the main code from following link.unzip the download zip file, you will see a folder called smarthome-lesson3.

Are you a streamer?If you are interested in streaming TORQ, or any Good Luck press games we would like to provide you with promotional and display/overlay images to help you better stream our games. We plan to provide some streamer kits to get you started and if you need anything custom for your stream please reach out. We are willing to provide a number of digital copies download keys to streamers to gift to their subscribers. We love for people to stream our games and want to help make your stream of our games something special. Please reach out to us through email at goodluckpub (at) gmail (dot) com or Twitter about how we can support your upcoming stream. 041b061a72

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