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How Much Is Honda Crosstour

Some supporters suggested that the Crosstour was an inspiration for fastback (sloped backside) sedans such as the tenth-generation Honda Civic and Audi A7, although the latter two had better proportions all across.[18][19] Others noted that other contemporary Coupe-styled crossovers that are sleek rather than boxy, such as the BMW X6, BMW 5 Series GT, and Acura ZDX, which have also been criticized for their looks while offering practicality, are luxury vehicles that are much more expensive than the Crosstour (the BMW 5 Series GT and Acura ZDX were also not well-received in North America).[17]

how much is honda crosstour

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The Honda Accord Crosstour had numerous positive attributes due to being based upon the critically-acclaimed Accord sedan and coupe, while having almost double the storage space of the sedan thanks to its hatchback design. The Crosstour's passenger room was largely identical to that of the spacious Accord sedan. However the Crosstour's sleek profile didn't make its cargo space as practical as more traditional boxy crossover SUVs and wagons, such as the Toyota Venza and Subaru Outback, the latter two which had much more sales success than the Crosstour.[20][21][22] Honda's decision to initially offer the Crosstour in one trim, an EX-L V6 with the only options being all-wheel drive and navigation system, gave it a considerable higher price of entry than the competing Venza which offered numerous trims across a wide price range including a base four cylinder engine.[17]

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