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Karakuri Circus

The plot centers around Masaru Saiga, Narumi Katō and the shirogane Éléonore Saiga (known simply as Shirogane), and combines the settings of a circus, alchemy, and karakuri puppets. The story starts when Masaru's father dies and leaves 18 billion yen of inheritance solely to him. His uncle and half-siblings each plot to kill or abduct Masaru to seize the money. By coincidence, the Zonapha sufferer Narumi Katō rescues Masaru from his uncle's henchmen with help from Éléonore. As the story progresses, a 200-year-old tragedy is uncovered involving the origin of the Shirogane, Automatons, and the Zonapha syndrome. The people of the Shirogane group and the Nakamachi Circus group must work together to save the world and prevent its destruction from the Zonapha syndrome.

Karakuri Circus

Agreed. In regards to the crashes, we have had planes, trains so I am out of it gets to automobiles crashing randomly into a circus. Or maybe I am now slightly ocd and have to watch for the triple to be completed.

Narumi Kato joins the other Shirogane to battle against Automatons (auto-mannequins) to cure the world of Zonapha syndrome. Meanwhile, Eleanor and Masaru Saigao join the circus and attempt to live a normal life but their fate are still heavily linked to their pre-destined destiny.

The queen of the circus. She is a highly complex automaton who was created to be her masters bride of soughts, but no matter what he did she wouldn't smile. He then created four powerful master automatons with the sole purpose of making her smile basing they designs off clowns and jesters. Since his passing she has assumed the role of leader and has created many other automatons in order to realize her masters desire to make her laugh. The solution she found is by spreading the Zonapha syndrome she hopes to find someone with the soft stone which is the key element in making aqua vitae which is supposed to grant life. So she can use the aqua vitae to become "alive".

One of the four master automatons, he is the musician of the circus. His clothes are all white and his instrument is a mandolin. He is thoughtful and seems quite proud. His attacks lay in the manipulation of fire.

One of the four master automatons, he is the ball walker of the circus. He is quick to angry and is easily the most irresponsible of the four. His main form of attacking is using his arms which possess a very high level of strength even for an automaton making him the physical strongest of the circus.

The only woman among the four master automatons, she is the acrobat/rope walker of the circus. She wants to live a love story like the ones she's read in books, the only flaw is that she can't feel the sensation of the skin of another person. Being the acrobat of the circus she can jump very high.

Karakuri Circus is a manga series by Kazuhiro Fujita (the same guy who did Ushio and Tora), which was serialized in Weekly Shonen Sunday from 1997 to 2006. The manga employs an unusual "choice-based" style, where it shows the two decisions a character can make at a pivotal point in a pair of boxes, a fancy arrow pointing to the decision made. The first decision is by Narumi, a sick kung-fu champ who decides that his job, passing out circus flyers, is more important than helping a young boy find the circus. He changes his mind when a group of well-dressed thugs attempt to kidnap the boy, as he rushes to save the day (still in his bear costume for work). 041b061a72

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