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How To Install Electric Baseboard Heaters Youtube Broadcast Yourself

Whether you install a water heater that uses gas or electricity, no heat must be applied until the heater is fully installed and filled with water. Applying heat to an empty tank is called dry firing, which is not what you want to do. Heating elements in electric water heaters must be immersed in water or they will overheat and burn out quickly. Flame applied to an empty gas water heater can overheat the tank and crack it.

How To Install Electric Baseboard Heaters Youtube Broadcast Yourself


All water heaters fail eventually, but you can help avoid spectacular failures by hiring a licensed plumber instead of doing it yourself. You will avoid the 15 common mistakes DIY plumbers make when they install a water heater, get a higher quality water heater, and most likely save money in the long run.

Improve your home heating with modern baseboard heaters - an efficient and safe way to add warmth to your hard to heat areas. We install toe-kick heaters for under kitchen cabinets and other difficult to heat areas. Additionally we fit 2', 4', 6', 8', and 10' baseboard heaters with individually controlled thermostats. We also install electric hydronic baseboard heaters, which are gel-filled to provide a soft heat.

Electric baseboard heaters, like most electric heaters, have conducting elements that heat up when electricity passes through them, and it seems there isn't much that can go wrong. Despite that, baseboard heating systems malfunction regularly, and although the cause is usually something easily to fix, it can be difficult to find. There are three places to look: the circuit breaker panel, the thermostat and inside the heater itself. It's best to start with the panel because problems there are easy to spot. The next place to look is the thermostat, and if that checks out, the heater itself is probably faulty.

Baseboard heat is not as energy efficient as central heat and AC systems. And those who install central HVAC see a nearly 50% decrease in their electricity bill when they stop using the baseboard heat system.

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