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Altiyan Childs X Factor Audition Full Version !FREE!

Australian X Factor is back!! After a 5 years hiatus, the biggest show on Earth comes back to kangaroo land! Although they like branding it as the first season, it's actually it's second, the first being a major trainwreck. We have an all-star judges panel, Guy Sebastian (Australian Idol S1 winner), Natalie Imbrugila ("Torn" singer), Ronan Keating (Boyzone) and Kyle Sandilands (Australian Idol judge and radio celebrity).This week, we'll have 4 auditions shows, starting last Monday and going on till Thursday. And then, bootcamp! Auditions took place on Perth, Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne.Read my recap and watch the videos after the JUMP ...It Takes Three - Oh, Lord! Where did they get this people? They sing a horrible version of "Watcha Say". Scarf guy sucks so much ... and the other asian guys sucked as much he did. What did Kyle do with that paper? India-Rose Madderom - She auditioned for something under a table when she was 7. India looks stunning! Great song choice, she's singing a Joss Stone tune acapella, and it's beautiful! Her voice is so perfect, very jazzy indeed. I like this girl! Kyle says she's a record company dream, and I absolutely agree with him! Altiyan Childs - I don't like this guy. Too cocky! He don't know the words! What a way to ruin "Sex on Fire". And what was that akward dancing and movements. His voice, however, wasn't as bad as I expected. Quiet unusual. They are giving him another chance and he will sing again in the second episode.Lady Gaga fans montage now ...Sarah Slim - She looks really good, but will she shound as good? OMG! She's killing "Bad Romance"! But in the bad way. Totally over the place and out of tune! Four nos obviously.Daniela Gorelik - Oh! Learn to pronounce that name! A-le-jan-dro. And her voice is so boring! Tricky songs Natalie? What do you mean by that?Nick Meyers - He is ruining "Papparazzi", poor kid. He is hedious! If you are going to sing that song do an amazing cover like Martin Chodúr did in Česko Slovenská Superstar (HERE). Poor Gaga! Her songs are being screwed!Amanda Grafanakis - Will Amanda break the Gaga course? I love her high hell Air Jordans! And her outfit is really interesting! Amanda is no stranger to this type of shows. She was a Top 24 finalist in Australian Idol S6, but was cut in the wild-card show. What a voice!! Best so far! And she has an incredible on stage energy. She's just schooled all the previous acts! This is how to tackle a Gaga song. Why did you cut her short Natalie? I was enjoying her! Judges love her and she's through to bootcamp!A recap of reject auditioners. First is Hoe Ng. He's funny! Why are the judges singing along with him! Ronan faces are incredible! But Kyle is still my favourite! Now shut up and leave the stage, and don't ever agian sing "Sweet Caroline"! Bonnie-Rae Barnes is next. Poor Bonnie! "True Colors" is too big for her. She seems pissed! The most wierd audition ever goes to Joe Di Cola, who sang a really strange cover of ... "La Bamba"? Come on!Harry Abu - He's from Brunei, is 36 and lives a double life! How coll is that!! "My family doesn't know I'm gay". Great way to keep your secret safe from your family! I guess they know it now ... He seems so sweet and shy!! He'll sing "This is the Moment". Will he nail it? WOW! He's voice is incredible! Didn't expected that voice coming out of him! Very deep and powerfull! He'll definitely make it to the Top 12. I love this guy!!! Standing O!!! Four huge yeses! And now, some groups! Calculators in your pockets? Wierd! The second group look quiet good, but sounded terrible! And the third group shown really needs to get a room, really! Lastly, Frank and Valda. Why? Why are they even trying? The judges will say no even before listening to them. But they are so sweet! They look like my grand parents. Maybe 50 years ago they rocked! But not now! The judges can't be mean with them and gently say no! Valda forgot her hand bag and Kyle steal it. Funny. They may have been bored at home and decided to audition, please, don't do it again!Andrew Lawson - He studied music at a conservatory but now has abondoned because it was too boring, or something like that. "I love to sing, pretty cliched I guess" You've said it man! He's singing "Fly me to the Moon". He's incredible! And is only 18! Really unique voice, he needs to work on her stage precense a bit. The beggining was a bit boring, but that ending was fantastic. Ronan wants him in his category! And he gets four yeses ... Incredible!Nicole Canaway - She lives in the country in a shipping container in her backyard. He looks really similar to Crystal Bowersox, let's see if she has the voice ... And she does! She's singing Carrie Underwood's "Temporary Home" and she's nailing it! I love australian country chicks! They are really country, and not an attempt like some americans. A few out of tune notes but she's good! She's cut short by Kyle and almost freaked out! Oh! That's why she's singing that song, I get it know Kyle! She's through to bootcamp, and I want to see her in the liveshows!Gail Matikainen - Another OMG act! Please god! Stop this!!! Natalie's face! Ronan's face! Kyle seems to enjoy it however! Kick that cat out of the stage, and please, shave!The youngsters take the stage! Trent Bell looks promising! Really cute and his voice is very good too. He auditioned for Australian Idol last season and made it to the Top 100. He's singing "Sex on Fire", but in the proper way, and knowing the lyrics Altiyan! George Walter is another WOW. Really beautiful voice! He looks really like Stan Walker and sounds similar, but a little bit more jazzy. Final kiddo is TJ Alcaniz. He looks crazy ... but his voice is really powerful! I agree with Kyle! He's too shy ... Why is Ronan asuming he'll get the Boys?Rodrigo Alvarado - He was born in Chile, is 34 and has worked in several cruises. Will Rodrigo bring some Latin spice? He'll sing "Somebody to Love" by Queen ... He's amazing!! What a pair of lungs! And he's so skinny ... Pronunciation issues? Not some much as I expected! He's really incredible! Four yeses and the show is over ...Share this : Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to Facebook

Altiyan Childs X Factor Audition Full Version

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