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David Gromov
David Gromov

Cabart Special Oboe Serial Numbers

In the discussion of stencil instruments, mention must be made of the Chiasserini fake "Loree" oboes and English horns. Chiasserini was a woodwind "impresario" in New York City in the 1940s-1960s. Chiasserini won a contractto provide the US Army with Loree instruments. Seeing a opportunity that would impress Boss Tweed, Chiasserini simply bought a plethora of unmarked Malerne oboes and English horns, stamped the instruments "F. Loree" and attempted to pass the instruments off to the US Army as genuine Loree. The fake Loree trademarks can appear to be most convincing. Chiasserini even went so far as to establish a front company called "F. Loree USA." Chiasserini's scheme was exposed, and legal action ensued. Many of the bogus "Loree" instruments show up for sale nowadays - Ebay buyers: BEWARE! Almost all of the Chiasserini fakes have serial numbers in the "B" series. Many of the oboes have a serial number beginning with "BS"- I find this completely apropos. I have a Chiasserini fake Loree (Malerne) English horn, with a "BG" serial number. It is a glorious instrument, very stable, beautifully voiced, impeccable scale, and possessed of a "foundation shaking" resonance. A cursory inspection would have many an oboist convinced that this is a in fact a B series Loree. However, some slight differences in keywork patterns exist between the genuine Loree English horns and the Malerne instruments of the 1960s.

cabart special oboe serial numbers

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