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Zundel's Bunker

The Danish studio BIG Architects was called by the city of Varde to develop the Blåvand bunker museum, within the Blåvand protected areas in Denmark, the structure will be inserted within the earth bank of the site built by the German occupation forces in Denmark during the second world war.

Zundel's Bunker

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According to "Adolf and Women," Hitler was "extremely shy with girls when he was young." But in later years, "He was considered 'gallant' by ladies, who found him to have a charming and friendly manner; always polite and respectful toward the fairer sex. He was never rude nor used foul language before a lady." No mention is made of the apparent suicides of two of Hitler's mistresses (some historians believe that Hitler had either or both women murdered) or the fact that Hitler's most famous female companion, Eva Braun, attempted suicide twice after becoming the object of his gallantry. The site identifies Braun as "Eva Hitler," a reference to their short-lived marriage. The ceremony took place on April 29, 1945, in Hitler's underground Führerbunker in Berlin as Russian troops closed in on the city. The bride and groom both killed themselves the next day. Adolf the Great glosses over these morbid details in a section titled "Adolf and Eva Hitler, a True Love Story," that's decorated with a photo of Eva in a dirndl picking wildflowers. "Eva loved Adolf. Adolf loved Eva," the text begins. "And for years destiny kept them apart as Adolf's work took him away for long periods of time."

The long hours of starting a world war, enslaving nations and presiding over the murder of millions would put a strain on any relationship. But Adolf the Great's "true love" story has a happy ending, sort of: "In the Berlin bunker, facing Russian soldiers and a fate worse than death if she stayed, Eva remained with her husband despite him ordering her to leave. She was loyal even unto death."

U.S.may boot Zündel outWifefears key could soon be thrownawayBy MarkBonokoskiFOR more than a yearnow, college students have been rentingthe old house on Carlton St. which wasonce the fortified bunker of infamousHolocaust denier, ErnstZündel.While he may be gone -- to Tennessee,and possibly his most serious trouble yet-- evidence of his former Cabbagetownpresence is still intact.A large security camera still pans thefront entrance of his old home and office,just as it did the night the place wasfire-bombed back in 1995. And all thewindows remained barred.The front gate, however, is no longerlocked.Other than that, nothing seemschanged.The building's new owner, in fact,claims she had no idea of the property'sdubious history when she first bought itthrough a real-estate agent.And, "it's nobody's business" how muchshe paid for it, she said.Dial Zündel's last phone listingfor that Carlton St. address and anautomated voice informs the caller thatthe number has been changed, and then itprovides a number for a phone that ringssomewhere in a Smoky Mountain town southof Knoxville known as Sevierville, Tenn.(Pop: 11,500).These past few days, however, ErnstZündel has been unable to come to thephone. 041b061a72

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