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Buy Sell Bicycle Parts

We are ALWAYS actively seeking out bikes, frames, parts, accessories, and memorabilia to purchase, with a higher focus on NIB/NOS stuff. Whether you are a weekend warrior who wants to sell a few items to feed your habit, have had an old bike taking up space in your basement for the last 20 years, or are closing your bike shop and want to liquidate, we can help!

buy sell bicycle parts

We are looking for: Mid to high level parts, accessories, memorabilia (posters, figurines, signs, headbadges, etc), frames, and complete bicycles. I am mainly interested in top shelf goods related to mountain bikes, road bikes, randonneur bicycles, track bikes, and commuters of any age (from the early 1900's to 2013 models). This includes any type of bicycle component (saddle, derailleurs, cranks, brakes, etc), special collector's edition kits (Campagnolo 50th, tool kits, etc), high quality frames, old dealer signs, and more!

This point should be obvious, but by buying used, you'll get the same components for less - OR - you'll be able to get used high-end components for the same price as new low-end options. This is the biggest benefit for me. I love top-of-the-line gear, but my budget is more mid-ranged. Mixing in used parts lets me put together all of my crazy dream bike builds.

Try getting this benefit from private sellers on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. The Pro's Closet stands behind every order, and every product we sell is covered by a hassle-free 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Just contact us within 30 days of receiving your order and we will issue a full refund or store credit. If we made an error, or the item you received is not as described, we will even cover return shipping. This lets you shop with complete confidence.

The Pro's Closet has a team of expert Ride Guides who all live and breathe bicycles. If you have any questions about what to buy, what's compatible with your bike, or you just need some general bike advice, these are the people to ask.

The Pro's Closet doesn't just sell used bike parts, we buy them too. We already have a Sell//Trade portal to submit bikes, frames, wheels, and a gear portal specifically for components is coming soon (expect to see it by summer of 2022!). With our easy to use submission systems, you'll get an offer for your gear within 24 hours.

Have you heard that a brand new car loses 10% of its value (some say even more!) the moment you drive it off the lot? Well that's true of bikes and bike parts too. Since we work with a lot of used products, we have an intimate understanding of bike depreciation and have mountains of data for how prices change over time. In most cases, after a big initial hit, depreciation begins to taper off. So buying used from the get-go saves you money in the long run too.

Buying used extends the life cycle of quality bikes, components, and gear. It keeps a sport like cycling thriving, and it keeps gear-head tinkerers like me thriving as well. The Pro's Closet sources bikes and parts from riders, manufacturers, and shops all around the country. Everything is inspected by professional mechanics to ensure they're in good working order and then photographed in our studio so you know exactly what you're getting. Our selection is constantly changing, and new products are added everyday, so check back often!

I'm helping a friend rebuild an older commuter bike and we are having trouble finding compatible components. There are a couple of local shops that carry used parts, but not having any luck there so far. I know of an Ebay seller that sells used ski equipment; I'm wondering if, likewise, there is a website for used bike parts. I'm basically looking for a larger inventory than my local area.

I've not had any luck consistently finding used parts online. For used commuter/entry-level stuff the best source I've found is local garage sales. For used nicer stuff try your local racing clubs. They tend to discard nice stuff, for cheap, on a regular basis as they always need the latest greatest to go the fastest. Surprisingly the local touring bike clubs have not been a great source as those people seem to hold onto stuff forever. :-)

Since the question was asked, Facebook marketplace has really taken off, and there are sales/wants groups but local and long distance. Some can be very specialised. Enthusiasts' groups often have an associated buying and selling group, or permit such requests.

Look no further than Cycletrade! Since 2018, we have recirculated over 5000 bicycles and parts back into the cycling community. As traders in high-quality cycling gear, we tailor to the cycling enthusiast market.

Cycletrade also offers additional services for businesses, cycling teams, and clubs. We offer a parts re-circulation scheme, surplus stock management, and end-of-season stock management for teams and cycling clubs.

But you can still sell a used bike online with OfferUp. If you go with this route, the buyer provides their credit or debit card when they make an offer and they will be charged when you accept their offer.

Selling on eBay does mean you have to do the listing and selling work yourself. This includes photographing and listing the bike, as well as corresponding with the buyer after the sale is made to have the bike picked up or delivered.

If you need to sell a used bike quickly, your best bet is to sell in-person for cash rather than using online marketplaces. This makes websites like the Facebook Marketplace, OfferUp, and Craigslist excellent choices.

If you want to sell a used bike through your smartphone, apps like OfferUp and Mercari are excellent choices. You can also manage your Facebook Marketplace listings and negotiate with buyers with its mobile app.

Buy, sell, or donate a bike, parts, or accessories at this festive and long-running annual event. Test ride an e-bike, register your bike with the Ashland PD, and learn about bike events and advocacy efforts in your community. A portion of each sale will go to fund youth bike education programs in local public schools.

Selling Bike Parts: Those who wish to sell parts agree to pay a $5 flat fee per sold bike part, or a seller with a lot of parts can opt to pay $30 for a space to set up a table and sell parts for whatever prices they wish.

Used bicycles offer a less expensive, functional alternative to buying a new bike. For individuals looking to buy a used bicycle, or for those trying to sell one, look here for the best places in the area to buy, sell or advertise a used bike.

There are over 15 bicycle shops in the area of campus, even a shop right on campus for your convenience. Listed below are a few that offer full-service bicycle sales, repairs and more within a 2-mile radius.

Buy a bike or sell a bike. Trade-ins welcome. Our used bicycle purchase program allows you to sell you bike fast. Need a little extra cash, don't want the hassle of selling or just want to clear out the garage? Sell us your old bike.

Most of our used inventory - electric bicycles, gas bikes, pedal bikes, adult trikes - are listed in our website catalog, but we get new bikes every day. So, check back often. We try to remove bikes sold as soon as possible, but call before you drive to the shop, just to make sure. We carry a large selection of new and used merchandise too, including wheels.

Buying a used bicycle can be risky. You might get someone's problems. At Archer's Bikes, we go through every used bike, especially the brakes and drive train, to ensure the bike works properly. There may be a little rust, bump or ding - It's still a used bike - but you save a lot. Either way, you can get back on the road quickly, and at a reasonable cost, because we always give our customers a fair deal. We even have a large selection of used bike parts, at very attractive prices. If something goes wrong, bring the bike back to the shop for us to fix it. Ultimately though, you are responsible for operation of the bicycle, so make sure to check everything before you ride. Wear a helmet.

The good news: Our used bikes come with a limited 30-day warranty. If the bike fails to meet your expectations, bring it back in 30-days and we will fix it (excluding parts). If you get a bike home and find it's not right for you, bring it back within 10-days (less 10% restocking) for store credit on another bike of your choice (of equal or greater value). (Limitations may apply, read your sales invoice for more details.)

If you want to avoid the hassle of selling your bike, or just want to trade it in for a new one, we can handle that. Many sellers bring in all the bikes stacked in the garage. Some may be in poor condition or neglected for a long time. In any case, we will give you a price for your bike. We do buy department store bikes, however, they usually have very little value. Remember, many department store bikes sell new for less than $100 for a reason. Any bike or trike, pedal or motorized, will be considered. Sorry, we do not do consignment. In all cases, it is at our sole discretion to make you an offer. We may decline your bike.What is Your Bike Worth?

To get a good estimate, you will need to bring us the bike for inspection. Use Bicycle Blue Book to get a price if you cannot get the bike to us. Look at Craig's List or e-Bay. Keep in mind though, just because a bike is listed for $1,000, does not mean it will sell for $1,000. A phone estimate from us is only a very rough guide.You Decide

Nick Lando from Competitive Edge Ski and Bike in East Longmeadow, MA, mentioned that this was a good starting point for getting a sense of what your bike is worth. When someone is interested in selling their bike to the shop, this is one of the first places they go to find a value.

On behalf of Peak Cycles and we hope that everyone is safe and well. We will remain open under normal business hours until further notice. We are taking every precaution necessary to remain open. In our Peak Cycles bike shop in Golden, Colorado we will continue to perform bike repairs and sales. Due to Covid-19 we are not allowing any customers into the shop at this time. We have a table and bike stands in front of the shop so we can bring products and/or bikes to you outside for purchase. Our service department is also performing pick-up and drop-off of repair bikes outside. We are not allowing any bike rentals or demos until further notice. For online customers, is running at normal capacity as are our shipping companies USPS and Fedex. We have experienced very few delays for most of our US customers over the 2 weeks. For local online customers, you can pick up your will-call orders at Peak Cycles. Call ahead for curbside pickup or come to front door and we will grab your order for you. We are committed to slowing the spread of Covid-19, and to keep our customers, employees, and communities safe. We hope that this horrible situation ends soon and that everyone takes care of themselves both mentally and physically. If you can get out and walk, hike or ride, then take advantage of it. It certainly helps with stress and anxiety during difficult times. Lastly, don't forget to stay in close contact with friends and family, especially those isolated. Thank you for reading and we wish you well. If you have any questions, please email us at 24/7 or call 888-606-1616 Mon-Fri 10AM-6PM MST, Sat 10AM-5 PM MST, closed Sun. 041b061a72

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