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Highlights High Five | Story Time: Winter Snow ... [REPACK]

The Swedish meteorological institute (SMHI) defines thermal winter as when the daily mean temperatures are below 0 C (32 F) for five consecutive days.[9] According to the SMHI, winter in Scandinavia is more pronounced when Atlantic low-pressure systems take more southerly and northerly routes, leaving the path open for high-pressure systems to come in and cold temperatures to occur. As a result, the coldest January on record in Stockholm, in 1987, was also the sunniest.[10][11]

Highlights High Five | Story Time: Winter Snow ...

It is easy to stop off for some fun in the snow if you are traveling in Iceland during the winter. The highland mountain roads will be closed throughout the winter to regular vehicles (including 4X4s) but many of these areas can still be explored on guided tours with snowmobiles, snowcats, or SuperJeeps.

Head west to the prefectures along the coastline of the Japanese Sea facing towards Russia and Korea and winter is a whole new story. Temperatures drop to below zero almost daily, and heavy snowfalls are frequent.

Yuzawa first became a popular place in Japan to visit in winter because of its numerous hot springs some of which have histories dating back almost nine hundred years. There are five in Yuzawa town itself one of which, the Kaido no Yu, is outdoor and has breathtaking views of the surrounding snow-capped mountains from its pools.

That said, winter in Scotland can certainly be cold, especially if the wind is blowing from the north, which can make the perceived temperature much lower. Snow in the lowlands is possible but uncommon, whilst in the Scottish highlands snow is more likely from December through to March. Rain is also a possibility throughout winter as well.

Driving in Scotland in winter is definitely a different experience to driving in summer. In the northern parts of the country, and especially the highlands, snow is not uncommon, and icy conditions can make roads dangerous to drive on. Deer and other animals are also common on the roads after dark.

The tubing park at Boyne Highlands is home to an 800-foot long tubing run, which will send you racing over the snow for an unforgettable ride. Grab your tube and head back up the hill to do it all again. This tubing park is one of the highlights at Boyne Highlands for a reason!

As is typical in the mountains: winter is snowy, snow persists into early summer and summer is beautiful at high elevations and hot at low elevations. Most people wait for dry summer trail. As summer progresses, wildfire impacts, like smoke, become more likely.

Snow holds later in the season around: Mount Adams, Goat Rocks, the ridges of William O. Douglas and Norse Peak wilderness areas, next to Mount Rainier and most of the way from Snoqualmie Pass to Canada. Steep snowfields are too numerous to mention, but highlights include the wilderness areas of Goat Rocks, Alpine Lakes, Glacier Peak, and Pasayten. 041b061a72

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