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[S2E9] A Fair Fight

Alex, who presumably was in a position to know about what he was doing and was one of the most powerful people in Mitch's workplace, doesn't need to be roped into it! Alex is already in it! If Alex was complicit and failed to pay attention because of a personal weakness for Mitch (what the book calls a "blind spot"), then of course that's relevant, and it's especially relevant given Alex's later efforts to position herself as an enforcer of goodness against the network! Assuming the facts are accurate, the closeness between Mitch and perhaps his most powerful enabler is absolutely relevant to the story of why something like this would have continued for so many years, and the fact that they had an affair might not be the most important part of that closeness, but you can't really leave it out.

[S2E9] A Fair Fight

There is, to be fair, absolutely no indication that there is a new Alex Levy. She just got through trying to get Mitch to lie about choices she now says were freely made that she does not regret, because she thought they would make her look bad. She's been awful to everyone all season, and she just topped it off by failing to tell anyone she just got back from a viral hot zone. If the intended character note here is that she has changed, I don't think that's successfully made it to the page.

Stannis responds by putting his men ashore inside row boats, landing further from the walls to avoid the still-burning inner bay. With less protection for his troops he predicts that thousands will die. He leads the assault personally and is the first to reach the walls. Tyrion orders Sandor to lead a sortie beyond the Mud Gate to repel the attackers. The Hound does as he is asked but is terrified and demoralized by the fire. Ser Lancel Lannister accompanies him and is wounded by an arrow. Bronn joins the fight in time to save the Hound, who is petrified by fear at the sight of burning men. The Hound retreats after losing half of his men and refuses to go out again. He demands wine and walks away from the battle and his place in the Kingsguard, after saying in the presence of all, including the king, "Fuck the Kingsguard. Fuck the city. Fuck the king."

Joffrey willingly leaves the defensive line with Lancel and charges Ser Mandon Moore and Ser Boros Blount of the Kingsguard to fight in the king's name. The gold cloaks' morale is broken by his departure. Tyrion steels himself to lead a sortie of his own; he rallies his men by telling them that if not for their king, kingdom, glory, or riches, to fight for their city, their homes, and their women, and gives them a final boost of morale by confidently saying "Those are brave men knocking at our door. Let's go kill them!" He leads his men through the tunnels beneath the city and is able to defeat Stannis's troops manning a battering ram at the Mud Gate. Tyrion is betrayed by Ser Mandon while fighting against a group of reinforcements: Mandon attacks Tyrion with the intent of killing him but misjudges the distance and only slashes Tyrion across the surface of his face with his sword. Before he can strike Tyrion again, Tyrion's squire Podrick Payne kills Ser Mandon from behind with his spear. Tyrion, barely conscious and held by Podrick, watches a battle that seems lost before losing consciousness.

The forces of Tywin Lannister and his new allies in House Tyrell join the battle. Their cavalry charge is led by a warrior dressed in the armor of Renly Baratheon and he decimates Stannis's army. The survivors flee to their ships. Stannis is dragged from the battle by his guards, screaming for his men to stand and fight. Tyrion collapses into unconsciousness as the battle turns in the Crown's favor. Tywin enters the throne room and announces their victory, just in time to stop Cersei from killing Tommen. Ser Loras Tyrell reveals himself as the knight wearing Renly's armor. 041b061a72

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