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When I say I know all about Wendy, that's a tribute to Michelle Williams' acting, Kelly Reichardt's direction and the cinematography of Sam Levy. They use Williams' expressive face, often forlorn, always hopeful, to show someone who embarked on an unplanned journey, has gone too far to turn back. And right now, she doesn't care about anything but getting her friend back. Her world is seen as the flat everyday world of shopping malls and storefronts, rail tracks and not much traffic, skies that the weatherman calls "overcast." You know those days when you walk around, and the weather makes you feel in your stomach that something is not right? Cinematography can make you feel like that.


For the first time, astronomers are confidently predicting that a specific stellar system will explode within a defined period of time, becoming more than 10,000 times brighter than it is now. The explosion will be visible from Earth with the naked eye, and it could be about as bright as Polaris, the north star.

Wonder Egg Priority's visual style was frequently compared by critics to the works of Naoko Yamada;[16][19][20] Wakabayashi had previously worked with Yukiko Horiguchi, who formerly contributed character designs to K-On! and Tamako Market, both directed by Yamada, as she also provided the character designs for 22/7.[16] Kevin Cirugeda of SakugaBlog said that though many directors, most recently inspired by Yamada's 2018 film Liz and the Blue Bird, had tried to emulate her style, Wakabayashi's collaboration with Horiguchi enabled him to replicate that style more accurately than any other director who had previously attempted such.[16] Cirugeda did note, however, that Kyoto Animation's unique production pipeline inevitably made a perfect replication of Yamada's style nearly impossible, but that for Wonder Egg Priority, Wakabayashi and lead animator Keisuke Kobayashi had settled on a distinct style of "over-articulation" that was perceived as having "raised the volume" to distract from the small imperfections.[16] The series marked many young animators' debuts in certain production roles, as Wakabayashi and his team recruited such new talents as Yuki Yonemori on episode 3, in his first time working as an episode director,[21] and Yuzu Hori and Yuichiro Komuro, performing episode direction and storyboarding duties, respectively, for their first time on episode 4.[22] Episode direction and storyboarding work on most of Wonder Egg Priority's episodes was delegated to a single animator, which Cirugeda believed was ideal as the team "dyed each episode with their own unique flavor," although he noted the possible drawback of overwhelming the inexperienced animation talents recruited to the production.[22]

The eleventh episode garnered particular criticisms for its late introduction of the character of Frill and the dedication to her backstory, which was seen as disrupting the show's already developing narrative arcs.[66][67][68][32][69] While Jones enjoyed the episode, he opined it was not "the one Wonder Egg Priority needed right now." Jones called the shift in focus from the core cast to Acca and Ura-Acca a "grave miscalculation," and said that while he saw the potential for Frill's character to enrich the story, it only served to complicate the ongoing plot and deflate any potential for a satisfying finale.[66] Clewis felt that episode 11 turned to "grimdark" territory, despite appreciating the narrative depth and sustained production value. Though they called Frill an "interesting" character who "I desperately wish I could hug," Clewis said her late introduction was "strange," and criticized the choice to tell her story from the point of view of Acca and Ura-Acca, in the perceived role of Frill's abusive parents, as "hurtful" and removing nuance from her arc. They also expressed confusion as to if Frill's "popping" tic was meant to carry sexual connotations, describing it as "uncomfortable" and out-of-place considering that the series had not previously appeared interested in sexualizing its female characters.[67]

The man could not rightly understand: he thought himself deaf; said so, and heard his own voice, although it had an unfamiliar quality that almost alarmed him; it disappointed his ear's expectancy in the matter of timbre and resonance. But he was not deaf, and that for the moment sufficed.

Then he remembered that there are natural phenomena to which some one has given the name 'acoustic shadows.' If you stand in an acoustic shadow there is one direction from which you will hear nothing. At the battle of Gaines's Mill, one of the fiercest conflicts of the Civil War, with a hundred guns in play, spectators a mile and a half away on the opposite side of the Chickahominy Valley heard nothing of what they clearly saw. The bombardment of Port Royal, heard and felt at St. Augustine, a hundred and fifty miles to the south, was inaudible two miles to the north in a still atmosphere. A few days before the surrender at Appomattox a thunderous engagement between the commands of Sheridan and Pickett was unknown to the latter commander, a mile in the rear of his own line.

Dr. Stilling Malson, of Murfreesboro, having visited a patient six or seven miles away, on the Nashville road, had remained with him all night. At daybreak he set out for home on horseback, as was the custom of doctors of the time and region. He had passed into the neighbourhood of Stone's River battlefield when a man approached him from the roadside and saluted in the military fashion, with a movement of the right hand to the hat-brim. But the hat was not a military hat, the man was not in uniform and had not a martial bearing. The doctor nodded civilly, half thinking that the stranger's uncommon greeting was perhaps in deference to the historic surroundings. As the stranger evidently desired speech with him he courteously reined in his horse and waited.

Later, like most Impel Down prisoners, he wears a striped prisoner's outfit, with his top knot sagging and his right lens of his glasses cracked. His hair became untidy, and he grew a beard due to the roughness of the Beast Hell he was placed in.[9]

When Luffy began to run in a random direction, Galdino along with Buggy and Bentham followed him as Bentham told them that there is a kitchen stuffed with food. However, as Galdino and Buggy realized that there were many guards running around in order to get Luffy, they changed their mind and made up an idea to escape from Level 4. As Galdino then saw Luffy being attacked by Magellan, he could only think of getting back to Level 3 by taking down Hannyabal. Galdino and Buggy assumed that Hannyabal would be weak as he does not seem to possess a Devil Fruit, and Buggy's Muggy Balls would also be of great advantage for them. They decided to make their way to the entrance to Level 3 from Level 4.

On board the ship, they watched as Byrnndi World fought Luffy. When Luffy was defeated, Galdino commented on how easily he was defeated and then asked Buggy what their next move was. In response, Buggy ordered his crew to revive Luffy, but this is misinterpreted as an action of friendship, to which Galdino looked at them in disbelief at their high hopes in Buggy's character. After Luffy awakened, Galdino pointed Luffy in the direction that World went and once again stood in disbelief at the crew admiring Buggy for slapping Luffy awake.

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Tendō has spiky, bright red hair, with eyebrows of a corresponding color. He also has large, downturned eyes giving him a sleepy looking expression. His irises are small and dark red, while the ends of his mouth curve into a slight smirk. He sports the standard Shiratorizawa uniform, is tall standing at 187cm, and has a medium build.

As Karasuno calls for a timeout, Goshiki admits that he thought Asahi would be the next attacker. Tendō explains that the glance had been too obvious and an attempt to trick the blockers. Trying to keep things light, Tendō playfully tells Ushijima that he would be taking the spotlight for a while which didn't seem to bother the ace. At the same time, Ukai would explain to Takeda and the team that Tendō relies on a type of block known as the guess block. For Tendō to use this method of blocking, it requires him to rely on his reading and intuition above all else but will allow him to read and figure out the attack before it even happens. Even though there are times when it could be wrong, Tendō has developed the skill so well that he will rarely be wrong. When the game proceeds, Tendō soon finds himself captivated by Kageyama's flawless setting form that he didn't even react to Hinata spiking right before him. However, he is quick to call out Kageyama on having made Hinata spike the ball right above him on purpose as a form of retaliation.

With Shiratorizawa narrowly keeping the lead at 11-10, Tendō hurries to one side when he notices Kageyama set but is shocked to see that he was tricked into going the opposite direction of where Kageyama had actually set. Tendō next tried to keep up with Hinata when he made a dash to one end of the court but was unable to keep up with the shorter blocker's speed. However, when Tendō appeared like he would follow Hinata again when attempting the same thing, Tendō instead changed direction and quickly rushed into place to get a one-touch on Tanaka's spike. Once Tsukishima moved back into the front, Tendō taunts the first-year by calling him 'normal'. Although he succeeded in annoying Tsukishima, the first year immediately got his revenge by easily stopping Tendō's delayed spike. The third-year would become infuriated when Tsukishima would claim that the time difference attack would not fool him as easily as it did Hinata. When Yamaguchi is subbed in near the end of the set and is taken out right away when Ushijima scores, Tendō happily sings about how their opponent is surely having their spirit broken but does still see that Tsukishima will be a problem. Shirabu would later set the ball to Reon. Although Reon got a feint shot over the block, Daichi was able to save the ball. However, Tendō came out on top when he was able to do a direct spike and put the score at a tie. Eventually, Karasuno reached set point. 041b061a72

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