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Buy White Lab Coat

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buy white lab coat

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Breathable BarrierLAB COATS from The Safety Zone come in a variety of styles. Options include, with or without pockets and with our without knit wrist and collar. Choices of materials are, standard, SMS & Breathable Barrier. Choose our multi-layered Breathable Barrier and SMS lab coats for better comfort. Color options include white, dark blue and light blue.Lab Coats

GU serves 1,578 undergraduates, with an average of 30 Biology majors annually, and is classified as a doctoral university with very high research activity (17). In fall 2017, women comprised 60.5% of students, 52.9% of students were white, and 94.8% were U.S. citizens (19). Of GU undergraduates, 88.1% are deaf or hard of hearing (18).

UGA enrolls 38,652 students and is classified as a doctoral university with very high research activity (18). It serves 2,560 Biology majors as well as students in the Division of Biological Sciences, who major in fields such as Genetics, Microbiology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Plant Biology, Cellular Biology, Marine Science, Entomology, and Ecology. In fall 2018, women comprised 57.2% of UGA students, 67.2% of students were white, and 92.8% of students were U.S. citizens (19).

Our total sample of participants included 53.2% students from UGA: 49% women, 59.6% white, 10.6% African American, 10.6% Hispanic/Latinx, 2.1% Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, and 2.1% who identified as multiracial (the percentages for each university are shown in Table 1). Our sample included 36.2% Biology majors and 63.8% nonscience majors.

Overall, both majors and nonscience majors held stereotypical views of scientists (majors: 47.1%; nonscience majors: 24.1%) (Table 2). Nonscience majors were more likely to characterize scientists as really smart people (majors: 11.8%; nonscience majors: 24.1%) who wear lab coats (majors: 23.5%; nonscience majors: 50%). Majors were more likely to characterize scientists as doing work that included writing (majors: 41.2%; nonscience majors: 17.2%) and carrying out experiments (majors: 76.5%; nonscience majors: 55.2%) in order to learn new things (majors: 35.3%; nonscience majors: 17.2%).

Her artistic project began when Benedict bought her first coat for a CSU science laboratory, and the course instructor encouraged students to personalize the white smocks they wore to protect clothing from laboratory spills. She did just that by drawing on the back a larger-than-life barn owl, her favorite bird, encircled by a vine of flowers.

Next, Benedict went to work on the coat of Connie Brewster, research associate in the Quackenbush Lab. This time, Benedict wanted to reflect her love of molecular biology. She drew bighorn sheep and walleye surrounded by strands of DNA and glycoproteins, with mosquitoes alighting on the lapels. 041b061a72

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